WELCOME! Allworld Online is a reader-driven web serial created by Lindsey Fairleigh. AO is made up of episodes and seasons, just like a good old fashioned TV show. Once season 1 begins (early 2020), episodes will air every other week until the season is complete (approximately 8-10 episodes). Each episode will be posted here and in the serial's Patreon feed, and it will air as a podcast episode. And then the fun begins...

In the week following each episode's release, YOU have the chance to vote on what happens next. To vote, you must be an active Patron of Allworld Online (find out more here). After voting closes, I have one week to write, polish, and record the next episode based on your choices. The majority rules, and I must abide by the majority's decisions.

ALLWORLD ONLINE is an endless and abundant virtual world, programmed with playable and interactive versions of almost every video game, movie, TV show, and book ever created. Think of the Allworld Online web series as Westworld meets Ready Player One, with AI and virtual reality playing a massive role in pretty much everything.



Season 1 will begin releasing in early 2020 - updates coming soon!


Where does Jane live?

What is Jane's last name?



Desperation lands Jane in the lap of the recruiting director for Rockville Softworks, who's been on the hunt for lost souls like her to fill a very specific, very dangerous roll: Allworld Online Peacekeeper. The job turnover is high, the body count even higher. Jane must navigate the virtual landscape in search of the source of a slew of recent in-game, real-world deaths.


But will she find the source before the source finds her?

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